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August 2009

Info on Podcast #29

August 25, 2009

Jeffrey Feldman, expert on language and framing, critiques the Obama team’s handling of the health care battle;  Sam Barry tries to teach PBC to play the harmonica; and your humble host reports on his recent “stay-cation” in the Bay Area.  Dr. Feldman is author of Outright Barbarous: How the Violent Language of the Right Poisons […]

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Info on Podcast #28

August 21, 2009

Scott Horton on Karl Rove, the US Attorneys scandal and the Siegelman case, torture investigations, wiretapping and the 4th Amendment; film producers Leslie and Andrew Cockburn talk about the mortgage meltdown; and Gary Chew reviews “In The Loop”. Horton writes for Harpers magazine and The Huffington Post and teaches law at Columbia.  He dissects the […]

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Info on Podcast #27

August 19, 2009

Philip Giraldi, former CIA and DIA officer, on US/Israel relations, AIPAC, wiretapping and Rep. Jane Harman.  This is the third installment of Boiling Frogs interviews co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds, and is quite explosive. Giraldi, a self-described conservative who was critical of the Bush administration on many issues, is equally critical of Obama and Democrats who […]

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Info on Podcast #26

August 17, 2009

Progressive think-tanker Andrea Batista Schlesinger, author of The Death of Why, and Deron Lovaas from NRDC.  Schlesinger is on leave as executive director of the Drum Major Institute to work on the re-election of Mayor Bloomberg in New York (which produced an initial onlsaught of “Why?s” from PBC) and serves on the board of The […]

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Info on Podcast #25

August 14, 2009

The Battle over Healthcare:  Progressive Democrat Tim Carpenter, media critic Jeff Cohen, and mad-as-hell-Dr. Gene Upham.  Carpenter is the National Director for Progressive Democrats of America, and his current priorities are the Wiener amendment to substitute single payer language in the House bill, and support for the Kucinich (House) and Sanders (Senate) measures to enable […]

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info on Podcast #24

August 10, 2009

Investigative journalist Jason Leopold updates Holder’s plans for limited torture investigations;  musician David Ippolito leads a grassroots effort to pressure Holder to do more; and Jim Motavalli warns of untested nano-products.  Read Leopold’s excellent reporting on BushCo crimes and ObamaCo’s failure to investigate and enforce the laws.  Jason also has the exclusive that White House […]

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Info on Podcast #23

August 7, 2009

Thom Hartmann, Rep. Joe Sestak, and Gary Chew’s review of the new documentary, The Cove.  Thom is my favorite progressive radio host, and we talk about his departure from Air America as well as the ideas in his newest book, Threshold: The Crisis of Western Culture. Thom argues that we are facing economic challenges, global […]

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Info on Podcast #22

August 7, 2009

NSA whistleblower Russell D. Tice, who was the first to report that journalists were targeted by illegal domestic wiretapping and surveillance, joins us for the second installment of the Boiling Frogs interview series, co-hosted by Sibel Edmonds.  Tice tells us he was briefed on more than 200 “black” programs over his 20+ years in US […]

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info on Podcast #21

August 3, 2009

Obama’s disappointing health insurance reform; a new group called Progressives for Immigration Reform; Tommy Panik on Larry Craig’s new consulting firm; and an obit on Rev. Ike.  In our first segment, Dr. Len Saputo and Byron Belitsos talk about their book, “A Return to Healing: Radical Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine” and […]

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