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June 2010

Info on Podcast #147

June 28, 2010

Child sex slavery and pandering. Two well-informed writers talk about a sordid, difficult subject. Nick Bryant has just published The Franklin Scandal, which details a child pandering network run by an influential Republican from Omaha, Lawrence King. King fleeced a credit union of about $40 million, and used his political influence to get the FBI […]

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My Little Rocky

June 25, 2010

As many of you know, my little puppy Rocky has been my constant companion since we adopted him about 18 months ago. 13 pounds of unconditional love, I fell for him, hard. Once in a while he’d bark as we were recording a podcast, prompting emails from some of you dog lovers. One thing Rocky […]

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Info on Podcast #146

June 25, 2010

McGovern and Solomon on Afghanistan. 27-year CIA analyst Ray McGovern and author/activist Norman Solomon comment on Obama’s firing of Gen. McChrystal and failure to change our failed policies in Afghanistan. We talk about the impact of the Rolling Stone article, the media storm that praises the appointment of Gen. Petraeus without serious questions over the […]

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Info on Podcast #145

June 23, 2010

Write That Book Already! Authors Sam Barry and Kathi Kamen Goldmark’s new book is an entertaining and informative self-help book for writers; both have worked in publishing and have been published, and their insight and “tough love” are quite valuable. PBC invited his friend and colleague Rona Renner, host of the Childhood Matters radio show […]

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Info on Podcast #144

June 21, 2010

Obama & progressives; S.C. Senate challenge ends; Crazy Arizona. In this 98-minute package of news & views, we start with Ari Melber of The Nation and Politico on ObamaCo’s support for conservative “Democrats” like Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and open contempt for labor and progressives who opposed her. Melber says the only lefty group […]

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Info on Podcast #143

June 18, 2010

Tibet documentary; single payer for California. Filmmaker Tenzing Sonam talks about the new documentary, The Sun Behind the Clouds: Tibet’s Struggle for Freedom”, a fascinating new film that covers the 2008 uprising in Tibet and features many comments from the Dalai Lama in public and private. The film explores the divisions among Tibet citizens and […]

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Info on Podcast #142

June 15, 2010

The Internets: Social Network Bill of Rights, Legalize online gambling? Two reports on the web: first, attorney Lisa Borodkin reports from the conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy in San Jose. Borodkin and USC law professor Jack Lerner have proposed a bill of rights for social media; she discusses the real lack of privacy and […]

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Info on Podcast #141

June 14, 2010

Developing, Update: SC Senate Primary Results Challenged. Brad Friedman of Bradblog updates us on the developing story of possible election fraud in the 6/8 US Senate primary in South Carolina, where unknown Alvin Greene showed as the winner with 59% of the Democratic votes. The alleged loser, Judge Vic Rawl, announced today (6/14) that he […]

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Info on Podcast #140

June 11, 2010

Super Tuesday Electile Dysfunction. Journalist Brad Friedman of Bradblog reports on election irregularities in the June 8 primary elections, and delivers an excloo to the PBC Show: the largest private voting company in America now….is a Canadian company that does not have clear ownership of some of its key software. Brad details his own painful […]

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Info on Podcast #139

June 9, 2010

Jason Leopold exposes human medical experiments on detainees. Leopold is a regular contributor to the PBC Show, and an editor at His chilling report is based on a study just released by Physicians for Human Rights. The medical experiments were linked to the legal memos from Yoo and Bybee trying to re-define torture and […]

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