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July 2010

Bobby Egan’s BBQ Diplomacy; Chew reviews “The Kids Are All Right”

July 30, 2010

Robert Egan, co-author of Eating with the Enemy, citizen-diplomat opened dialogue with North Korea; and our official film reviewer Gary Chew on The Kids Are All Right.

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Shahid Buttar: Fix Patriot Act; Dahr Jamail: Unembedded on the BP Gulf

July 28, 2010

Shahid Buttar speaks for 46 organizations calling for reform of the Patriot Act, just renewed with little debate. Journalist Dahr Jamail on the toxic and chaotic cleanup of the BP oil calamity.

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Robert Parry on WikiLeaks, AfPak War

July 27, 2010

Journalist Robert Parry of returns to comment on the 92,000 classified documents released by WikiLeaks. Parry says the doc dump confirms Bush’s failures in Afghanistan were caused by the rush to invade Iraq, and that Obama has compounded the errors by modeling the escalation in Afghanistan on the myth of the “surge” in Iraq. […]

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Rove Victim Speaks; D+ grade for Bankster “Reform”

July 23, 2010

Former Miss. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Diaz hammers special counsel report: no criminal charges in Rove’s improper role in US Attorney firings. Justice Diaz was tried and acquitted twice in political trials, but political donor and co-defendant Paul Minor was convicted. Justice Diaz scopes out the national pattern of 200+ political prosecutions under Bush, and […]

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Iran defector: No Nukes; Judge dings Justice Kennedy

July 21, 2010

Ex-CIA agent Philip Giraldi on defecting Iranian nuke scientist; retired Judge Richard Tuttle hammers Justice Kennedy for corporate mindset. Giraldi, who writes for and the American Conservative, says that Iranian scientist Shahram Amiri told US intelligence that Iran has no active nuclear weapons program and he’s not a double agent. Judge Tuttle is a […]

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Info on Podcast #153

July 20, 2010

Child detainee challenges our kangaroo court; Obama denounces GOP as PBC cheers; Chew reviews Inception. Prof. Lisa Hajjar was at Guantanamo for a recent session of the infamous military commissions for Omar Khadr, a Canadian who was picked up in Afghanistan in 2002 when he was 15. Prof. Hajjar is a sociologist from UC Santa […]

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Info on Podcast #152

July 16, 2010

BP’s blowout: a view from Florida’s Gulf coast; Karl Rove’s “biggest mistake”; FCC obscenity ban overturned. Author H.P. Albarelli, Jr. joins us from his oil-free beach just west of Tampa Bay on the Gulf coast of Florida. He talks about his recent piece for about the disaster, which leads to broader criticism of Obama’s […]

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Info on Podcast #151

July 13, 2010

Gitmo, still open; an Israeli whitewash; Obama’s “disgusting” policies. Andy Worthington, British journalist and author of The Guantanamo Files updates us on Guantanamo: 93 % of the prisoners Bush and Cheney called “the worst of the worst” were innocent. 60 of the 181 remaining detainees are innocent Yemenis whose release is blocked by Obama’s moratorium, […]

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Look for us on!

July 8, 2010

We’ve just reached a deal with, which distributes podcasts and other audio content to mobile phones and other devices. So check out Stitcher and let your friends and fiends know that they can listen to PBC on iPhones, Droids and Blackberrys!

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Info on Podcast #150

July 7, 2010

Jason Leopold on BP’s pattern of reckless mismanagement; PBC talks back to Tim Geithner. Leopold is a great investigative journalist and deputy managing editor at Truthout. His latest in-depth report on BP’s dangerous practices in Alaska has led to the resignation of BP’s CEO of Alyeska, Kevin Hostler; it has also led corporate media outlets […]

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