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October 2010

Live Report from Gitmo on Khadr Kangaroo Kommission; PBC Comments on Correspondence & Clippings; Gary Chew Reviews “The Pat Tillman Story”

October 27, 2010

Prof. Lisa Hajjar’s live report from Guantanamo on the case of Omar Khadr; PBC on US Troops smoking hash in Afghanistan, an email from a Zionist who says moderates are extreme, and William Cohan’s plan to reform Wall St. Plus Gary Chew reviews The Pat Tillman Story.

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Iraq Vet Demands WikiLeaks Investigation; Marvin Kitman on Foxy News, Juan Williams and Murdoch; Durst on Corp. Cash in Elections

October 26, 2010

Iraq veteran Josh Stieber on his open letter to Congress demanding investigations into the content of the WikiLeaks release; media critic Marvin Kitman on Fox News, Juan Williams and how Murdoch could’ve been stopped; Will Durst on the secret campaign cash in this year’s elections.

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By Request: PBC Memo to Obama: “I’ll Stop Whining When…”

October 25, 2010

In my conversation with Lori R. Price of Citizens for Legitimate Government in Podcast 187, I promised to post the text of my recent memo to Obama from the Professional Left Coast.

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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal is Fumbled; Citizens for Legit Gov’t has News for You; Chew Reviews “Hereafter”

October 25, 2010

Alex Nicholson, forced out due to DADT, on legal rulings and prospects for repeal; Lori R. Price, Editor-in-chief of Citizens for Legitimate Government on WikiLeaks and much more; Gary Chew reviews Hereafter.

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PBC’s California Election Picks

October 22, 2010

PBC rambles, rants and opines on the statewide candidates and ballot measures in California. Your humble host does not presume to tell you how to vote…..

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Ex-POW Phil Butler, Part 2: McCain is “Massive Hypocrite”; replay of Life After Gitmo

October 20, 2010

Second installment of Dr. Phil Butler, former Vietnam POW and now a warrior for peace; replay of Life After Guantanamo–Another Level of Hell.

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Ex-Viet POW Phil Butler on “3 Lives of a Warrior”; Gary Chew Reviews “Nowhere Boy”

October 19, 2010

Dr. Phil Butler was the 7th-longest serving POW in North Viet Nam, his powerful new book is Three Lives of a Warrior; Gary Chew reviews the film about John Lennon’s early years, Nowhere Boy.

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Ex-Detainee on Life After Gitmo; FBI Raids & Secret GPS Monitoring; Col. Ann Wright on Israel’s Deadly Attack on Flotilla & Creech 14 Update; Will Durst: Got No Milk

October 18, 2010

“Abdul” on Life After Guantanamo: Another Level of Hell; Shahid Buttar on recent FBI Raids; FBI can track your car without warrant; Col. Ann Wright on 5/31/10 Israeli attack on Gaza Flotilla and update on Creech 14 trial; Will Durst on the evils of milk.

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New Nuke Plant Cancelled, Obama Blunders on Climate Change; New Griffin Book Challenges Cass Sunstein; Chew Reviews Facebook Movie

October 15, 2010

Michael Marriotte comments on cancellation of new nuke plant and The New Yorker’s report on failed climate change legislation; Tod Fletcher subs for David Ray Griffin on DRG’s shredding of White House advisor Cass Sunstein’s attack on 9/11 truth advocates; and Gary Chew reviews The Social Network.

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Iran, China Try to Hack D.C. Voting System, as U Mich DOES Hack It; Novelist Mike Palecek on “Camp America”

October 11, 2010

Bradblog Bombshell: U of Michigan team hacks into D.C. election system, finds evidence that Chinese and Iranian computers had tried to hack in; novelist Mike Palecek on his latest, Camp America

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