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March 2011

Two Strong Views on Obama’s Libya Adventure: Pepe Escobar and Robert Parry

March 30, 2011

Pepe Escobar of Asia Times and Robert Parry of Consortiumnews offer critical views of the military action against Libya.

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PBC Live! Weekly on KGO

March 25, 2011

Your humble host has been remiss in keeping you apprised of his other media activities. Since February, I’ve been hosting […]

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Jason Leopold: Important New Revelations of Origins of Bush Torture Program; Will Durst on “No Fly Zones”

March 24, 2011

Investigative reporter Jason Leopold reveals how a CIA psychologist led the reverse engineering of US military training of our troops […]

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David Brooks Talks About “The Social Animal” and Politics, too; PBC Details California Budget Cuts–All on the Backs of the Poor; Will Durst on the Current Political Scene

March 22, 2011
[audio David Brooks, conservative N.Y. Times columnist, visits the secret studio on his book tour, showing a kinder, gentler […]
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William Hartung on Lockheed Martin, Your #1 Defense Contractor; Filmmaker Ken Boswer on New Phil Ochs Doc

March 18, 2011

Bill Hartung’s new book about Lockheed Martin details the company’s dominance of the military-industrial complex and its outsized influence on […]

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Another Frank Chat with Thomas Frank; Gary Chew Reviews “Red Riding Hood”

March 16, 2011

Thomas Frank, columnist for Harper’s, returns to chat about the coordinated assault on unions and the middle class; Gary Chew, […]

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Mike Farrell on Illinois Abolishing Death Penalty; One American’s Perspective on Saudi Arabia; Your Tax Dollars Fund Crackdown in Bahrain

March 15, 2011

Mike Farrell, actor/activist on the abolition of the death penalty in Illinois; John Paul Jones, author of If Olaya Street […]

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Prof. Ali Ahmida on Libya and US Response; PBC Joins Labor to Ask: Where’s Obama? Durst on ‘Madness in Madtown’

March 10, 2011

Libya expert Professor Ali Ahmida on the uprising against Qaddafi and the US response; PBC news and comment on Wisconsin, […]

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PBC Away for a Few Days

March 1, 2011

Sad news has called your humble host away for a few days. Rose Shatter, my mother-in-law, passed away in Detroit […]

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