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April 2011

Two Critical Views of Gen. Petraeus: Ray McGovern and Prof. Jonathan Stevenson; plus Will Durst on Birthers

April 29, 2011

Obama shuffles his national security team, naming Gen. David Petraeus to head the CIA.  Retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern offers his critical views, and Harper’s contributor Jonathan Stevenson asks in the May issue: Has the President lost control of his generals? 

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Vince Warren of CCR on the New WikiLeaks Gitmo Files; J Street Promotes Dialogue on Israel/Palestine, Gets Attacked by Knesset Leader

April 26, 2011

Vince Warren, Executive Director of Center for Constitutional Rights, talks about the new WikiLeaks Guantanamo files, and poor coverage by the N. Y. Times;  Hadar Susskind of J Street, the more moderate American lobby group for Israel, talks about a recent hearing in the Knesset where critics questioned the loyalty of J Street’s founders.

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Media Failures: Protesters Challenge Obama on Manning’s Treatment; Journalism Prof. Cites Spiral of Silence Over Trig Palin’s Birth Certificate and Details

April 25, 2011

Activist Logan Price with a first-person account of his chat with Obama at SF fundraiser that produced an outrageous comment from the Prez;  Professor Bradford W. Scharlott of N. Kentucky U critiques MSM for failing to pursue important details of Trig Palin’s birth–the “birther” story the corporate media won’t touch.

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Boiling Frogs: Libertarian Dr. Tom Woods

April 22, 2011

Dr. Tom Woods is our guest in the latest installment of the Boiling Frogs interview series, co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds. 

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David Swanson, Just Back from Afghanistan; Gary Chew Reviews “The Conspirator”

April 20, 2011

David Swanson, activist and author of War is a Crime reports on his recent trip to Kabul and some interesting people he met;  film reviewer Gary Chew on Robert Redford’s new flick about the Lincoln assasination.

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Special Guest: Barack Obama

April 15, 2011

PBC talks back to the President. In this podcast, you will hear a major portion of Obama’s speech on April 13 at George Washington University, interspersed with critical commentary. Will Durst comments on the budget battle.

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Andy Worthington on Obama’s Capitulation on Gitmo and Trials; Robert Parry on Acquittal of Terrorist Posada

April 13, 2011

Two great journalists: Andy Worthington, author of Guantanamo Files comments on Obama’s cave-in on trials of 9/11 suspects, offers new info on our prisons in Afghanistan, and compares Britain’s political struggles to our own; Robert Parry offers history and context on the recent trial of CIA asset and Cuban exile Luis Posada Carriles.

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Author/Radio Host Brian Kahn on “Real Common Sense”; Radio Host Jon Elliott Has Launched His Podcast!

April 12, 2011

Montana public radio host Brian Kahn’s new book, Real Common Sense offers an incisive analysis of the radical right and how we can counter their moves; Jon Elliott, former Air America host, has launched his podcast!

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Journalist Porter Asks: Does Obama Want to Keep Troops in Iraq?? Tom Hayden on Libya and “Humanitarian Hawks”

April 8, 2011

Journalist and historian Gareth Porter says Obama has signaled Iraq that we’ll keep thousands of troops there–IF Iraq asks us to stay! And Tom Hayden discusses his article in The Nation, identifying Samantha Power as a major influence on Libya.

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Radical Repubs Run Rampant over Ohio, Michigan; Chew Reviews “Born to be Wild”

April 6, 2011

Cliff Schecter reports from Columbus, Ohio and Ray Burrsma checks in from Holland, Michigan with updates on the coordinated assault on the middle class by their Republican legislatures and governors; Gary Chew reviews the new IMAX feature, Born to Be Wild.

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