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May 2011

Boiling Frogs: Pepe Escobar on Arab Spring and bin Laden Death Reports

May 31, 2011

Pepe Escobar, the globetrotting correspondent for Asia Times, returns for a Boiling Frogs interview, co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds.

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Journalist Russ Baker’s Not Afraid to Ask the Tough Questions; Will Durst Taunts Gingrich

May 25, 2011

Russ Baker, founder of and author of Family of Secrets, returns for a wide ranging conversation about the failings of the corporate media and its coverage of the bin Laden raid and other recent events.  Will Durst, in a rare burst of self-interest, says “Run, Newt, Run!” 

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Boiling Frogs: Top Whistleblower Attorney Steve Kohn

May 23, 2011

Latest installment in the Boiling Frogs interview series, co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds.  Our guest is Stephen M. Cohn of the National Whistleblower Center and author of the new book, The Whistleblower’s Handbook.

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Two Views on Obama’s Speech on Mideast: Prof. Steven Zunes and Col. Ann Wright

May 20, 2011

President Obama gave a speech at the State Department on May 19, defining US policies toward the Arab uprisings and offering his clearest views to date on Israel/Palestine.  We get comments from J. Stephen Zunes, Chair of Mideast Studies and Professor of Politics at University of San Francisco, and US Army Col. (retired) Ann Wright.

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Jason Leopold Excloo: Abu Zubaydah “Lost an Eye”; PBC on Arnold’s Bastards; Will Durst Sez Men Are Pigs

May 19, 2011

Jason Leopold’s Truthout exclusive:  alleged “high-value” detainee Abu Zubaydah had his left eye removed shortly after he was captured in 2002–and doesn’t know why!  PBC comments that it wasn’t just the housekeeper who got screwed by Schwarzeneger, and Will Durst comments on the current sex scandals.

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Boiling Frogs: Turkish Exile Gulen Runs Madrasas in Asia, Charter Schools in US

May 17, 2011

Dr. Aland Mizell, a worldwide expert on Turkey and its oppressed Kurdish minority, exposes the Gulen movement.  This is the latest instalment in the Boiling Frogs interview series, co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds.

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Antonia Juhasz on Gulf Oil Blowout; PBC Raises Quaint Questions About bin Laden’s Execution; Will Durst on Obama Gets Osama

May 13, 2011

Oil industry expert Antonia Juhasz returns to talk about Black Tide: The Devastating Impact of the Gulf Oil Spill; your humble host rants about morality and rule of law in the killing of bin Laden; Will Durst has his own take on Obama vs. Osama. 

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Siegelman’s Political Persecution Continues; Dr. David Ansell on His New Book, “County”

May 12, 2011

Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman and intrepid blogger Roger Shuler return to report on a recent Appeals court ruling in the case;  Dr. David Ansell, author of  County: Life, Death and Politics at Chicago’s Public Hospital.

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On Afghanistan: Second Instalment of Gould & Fitzgerald

May 11, 2011

As promised in Podcast 233 released on 4/1/11, here is a follow-up interview with Gould and Fitzgerald, co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds of Boiling Frogs Post.  It’s a wide-ranging discussion of recent events and the current situation in Afghanistan.

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Fight Against Patriot Act Renewal and FBI Police-State Tactics Heats Up; Florida Criminalizes Poverty and Cuts Unemployment Benefits

May 9, 2011

Shahid Buttar, the rhymin’ executive director of Bill of Rights Defense Committee returns to talk about FBI abuses, this month’s vote in Congress on extending the Patriot Act, and the appointment of a new FBI director this year;  Keith McHenry, co-founder of Food Not Bombs, reports on the efforts in Florida to block distribution of […]

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