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March 2012

Author Ross Jackson’s Vision for the World Economy; Gary Chew Reviews “Salmon Fishing” and Will Durst on Obamacare and Supreme Court

March 30, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip Ross Jackson, author of Occupy World Street, offers his vision for a new world economy;  Gary […]

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Harper’s Charles Glass on Mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan; Truthout’s Jason Leopold’s Exclusive on DHS Surveillance of Occupy

March 27, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip Charles Glass, former ABC News Mideast correspondent, on his story in April Harper’s about armed military […]

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Internet Outage Blocks Posting of New Podcasts

March 26, 2012

Due to an internet outage today at the Secret Studio, we were unable to post the daily News & Comment […]

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Boiling Frogs: Peter van Buren Speaks Out for Whistleblowers As He is Being Drummed Out of State Dept.

March 23, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers]   Preview Clip Peter van Buren, author of We Meant Well, defends other whistleblowers even as he is […]

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Marxian Economist Richard Wolff on Causes of Economic Mess; “Solartopia” Author Harvey Wasserman is Optimistic About Shutting Down Vermont Yankee Nuke Plant

March 21, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip Prof. Richard Wolff teaches at New School in New York, writes for Truthout, and is the […]

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Boiling Frogs: Attorney Jon Eisenberg’s Kafka-esque Fight vs. Illegal Wiretapping

March 16, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview audio In this Boiling Frogs interview, co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds, we explore and update a landmark case […]

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Sue Wilson of “Broadcast Blues” Talks About Boycotts of Limbaugh Sponsors; Will Durst Says We’re All Muppets

March 15, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Media activist Sue Wilson joins us to talk about the sponsor boycotts of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show; Will […]

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Jennifer Lowenstein on Recent Israeli Strikes on Gaza and More; Trita Parsi Comments on Obama-Netanyahu Summit and the Threat of War on Iran

March 13, 2012

Two strong views on the Middle East: Jennifer Lowenstein teaches Middle East studies at U of Wisconsin;  Trita Parsi is […]

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Boiling Frogs: Cindy Cohn of Electronic Frontier Foundation Details the American Surveillance State

March 9, 2012

Cindy Cohn, legal director at EFF, describes the Bush-Obama surveillance programs in this Boiling Frogs interview, co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds 

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PBC Reports on Chicago’s Maximum Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel; Roy Zimmerman Serenades Us With Great New Political Songs!

March 7, 2012

Former congressman and Obama chief of staff Emmanuel is now mayor of Chicago with expanded police power and PBC found […]

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