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April 2012

Journalist/Historian Gareth Porter on Iran Nuke Talks and Afghanistan; Rebecca Griffin of Peace Action West on Their PAC for Peace

April 26, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip Gareth Porter returns to talk about the recent talks with Iran in Istanbul, and the latest […]

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Boiling Frogs: Historian/Journalist William Engdahl on Iran, Syria, Oil Prices and More

April 25, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip In this Boiling Frogs interview, Sibel Edmonds co-hosts as we speak with BoilingFrogsPost contributor William Engdahl. 

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John Stauber on ALEC’s Pro-Gun, Pro-Corporate Legislative Mill; Anarchist scott crow’s Response to Sentencing of Killer Cops in New Orleans

April 19, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip John Stauber, retired co-founder of Center for Media and Democracy, on ALEC’s role in fostering right-wing […]

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Boiling Frogs: James Bamford on NSA’s Massive New Server and Decryption Farm in Utah

April 16, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip James Bamford, author of  The Shadow Factory and top expert on the NSA, returns in this […]

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Professor Lisa Hajjar on Egypt’s Torturemaster-turned-Presidential Candidate; and on Syria Conflict, Upcoming Show Trials at Gitmo

April 12, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip Professor Lisa Hajjar of UC Santa Barbara profiles Egypt’s Omar Suleiman, the reliable torture vendor now […]

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Whistleblower Doubleheader: Sibel Edmonds’ Lawyer, Steve Kohn on the FBI; Update from Peter van Buren on Retaliation by State Dept.

April 10, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip Attorney Steve Kohn talks about FBI games to block publication of the Sibel Edmonds Story, and […]

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Boiling Frogs: Journalist Pepe Escobar on the Complex Layers and Players in Syria, Iran

April 6, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip The inimitable Pepe Escobar of Asia Times returns with a fascinating report on Syria in this […]

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Jason Leopold of Truthout: Exclusive Report on the Origins of John Yoo’s Torture Memo

April 4, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip Investigative reporter Jason Leopold on his latest exclusive, co-written with Dr. Jeffrey Kaye, exposing the anti-torture […]

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Former Rep. Liz Holtzman Demands Investigation, Prosecution of Bush/Cheney in New Book

April 3, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip Former Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman (D-NY) makes the case for BushCo accountability in her new book, but […]

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Boiling Frogs: Journalist William Bowles on Syria and Other Mideast Conflicts

April 2, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip Independent journalist William Bowles, a contributor at BoilingFrogsPost, offers fascinating angles on Syria and other conflicts […]

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