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May 2012

Jason Leopold on Abu Zubaidah’s Brother, Part 2: About the Investigation

May 30, 2012

Preview Clip In Part 2 of our interview with Jason Leopold of Truthout, we talk about his 14-month investigation.  It started when he read a comment on Andy Worthington’s site that referred to Abu Zubaidah’s brother.

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Jason Leopold’s Exclusive Investigation: Abu Zubaidah’s Brother, Part I

May 29, 2012

Preview Clip Jason Leopold details his exclusive report on the brother of alleged al Qaeda ringleader Abu Zubaidah, who’s been living in the US since 1998 and paid a huge price for having a brother at Gitmo who has been tortured–but never charged or tried.

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Robert Parry: NY Times Finally Prints the Truth About Megrahi’s Conviction for Pan Am 103; Roger Shuler Reports on Judge Mark Fuller, Who Railroaded Gov. Siegelman

May 22, 2012

Preview Clip Two of my favorite contributors: Robert Parry of ConsortiumNews on Libyan Megrahi’s tainted conviction for PanAm 103 and a new angle on Watergate; blogger Roger Shuler on the fresh dirt on federal judge Mark Fuller in Alabama. 

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Special Coverage: Presbyterian Council Refuses to Rebuke Rev. Jane Spahr for Officiating at Same Sex Weddings

May 18, 2012

Preview Clip Rev. Jane Spahr returns to our program, facing a formal “rebuke” by the Presbyterian Church for conducting lesbian and gay weddings.  The regional council, or presbytery, refused to rebuke her, in conflict with church rules. 

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Breaking! Exclooosive: Federal Judge Puts Worst Section of NDAA on Hold, We Get Detailed Comments from Attorney Carl Mayer

May 17, 2012

Preview Clip In a surprising and remarkable decision, a federal judge in NYC has granted an injunction on Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act.  Attorney Carl Mayer returns for a victory lap.

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Author/Columnist Thomas Frank Talks About Billionaires, Bill Maher, Breitbart and the Kansas Effect

May 15, 2012

Preview Clip Thomas Frank, columnist at Harper’s and author of the brilliant Pity the Billionaires, returns to dialogue and digress with your humble host on a range of topics.

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Common Cause Reports ALEC to IRS as Corporate Sponsors Flee; Investigator Larry Hancock on New Book on King Assassination

May 11, 2012

Preview Clip Mary Boyle, VP of Common Cause, exposes the conservative legislative lobby group called ALEC, and challenges their tax exempt status;  Larry Hancock reveals new angles and players to the plotting that led to Dr. King’s murder in 1968

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Boiling Frogs: Jon Gold, Author and Activist, Fights for the Truth About 9/11

May 10, 2012

Preview Clip In this Boiling Frogs interview co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds, we talk with author and activist Jon Gold about his personal odyssey on the road to the real story of September 11.

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Gareth Porter Breaks Down the Myths of the Killing of bin Laden; author James Olson on Left-Brain/Right-Brain Differences

May 7, 2012

Preview Clip Gareth Porter returns, as he is making news again with this investigative story from Truthout.  Author James Olson explains the differences between left-brain people and right-brain types.

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Free Podcast: Part II of Exclusive Interview with Sibel Edmonds on Her New Book, “Classified Woman”

May 4, 2012

Preview Clip In this second interview installment, Sibel Edmonds reveals many of the dramatic episodes related to her reports to superiors of an active spy in the FBI Language Unit, and the unprecedented retaliation and coverup.

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