Special Coverage: Presbyterian Council Refuses to Rebuke Rev. Jane Spahr for Officiating at Same Sex Weddings

by Peter B. Collins on May 18, 2012

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Rev. Jane Spahr returns to our program, facing a formal "rebuke" by the Presbyterian Church for conducting lesbian and gay weddings.  The regional council, or presbytery, refused to rebuke her, in conflict with church rules.  In this special report, you will hear Rev. Spahr and her supporters before the vote was taken to reject the rebuke--an outcome that she did not expect.  We talk with Rev. Spahr, Rev. Jim Rigby of Austin, TX, attorney Sarah Taylor of California, Rev. Ray Bagnuolo of New York, Janie's ex-husband Jim Spahr and his current wife, Jackie; and Scott Clark, who wrote and introduced the controversial resolution that was passed by a large majority.

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