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July 2012

Public Radio Reporter Nancy Mullane on “Life After Murder”, plus Former San Quentin Lifers Don Cronk and John Dannenberg

July 30, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip Nancy Mullane, an independent producer/reporter for public radio, on her revealing book about the politics of […]

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Boiling Frogs: Journalist Michael Hughes on His Expose of the Karzai Brothers’ Corruption

July 27, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip Journalist Michael Hughes details the corruption of Afghan leader Hamid Karzai and his brothers, in this […]

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Former Vermont Governor Madeleine Kunin on Her New Book, “The New Feminist Agenda”; Matt Zimmerman of EFF on a Phone Company’s Challenge to National Security Letter

July 25, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip Madeleine M. Kunin, former Vermont Governor and Ambassador to Switzerland, on her new book, The Feminist […]

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Journalist Peter Lance on the Blind Sheikh, Killing of al-Awlaki, and Long-term Failures by FBI and Justice Dept on Terrorists and Mobsters

July 23, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip Peter Lance, former reporter for ABC’s 20/20, who is an author, novelist and screenwriter, returns to […]

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Journalist Charles Glass on the Civil War in Syria; Prof. David Vine Reports US Now

July 20, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip Charles Glass was Middle East Correspondent for ABC News from 1983-1993 and has covered Syria and […]

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Journalist/Activist Chris Hedges Returns to Talk About His Challenge to Obama Detention Law, and His Powerful New Book

July 18, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip   Journalist, author, activist and Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges returns to our program to discuss […]

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Former Green Party Presidential Candidate David Cobb on Amending the Constitution to End Corporate Personhood and Money=Speech

July 16, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip David Cobb returns to our program to talk about Move to Amend and their Convergence in […]

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Summer Folk Fest: Stephen Iverson Performs Songs with a Message; Will Durst on the “Care-Less” Party; Gary Chew Reviews ‘Savages’

July 13, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip Singer, songwriter and zen furniture maker Stephen Iverson visits the secret studio, with songs inspired by […]

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Boiling Frogs: Eric Draitser on Balochistan, Iran, Pipelines and More

July 11, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip Eric Draitser shares his impressive knowledge of Balochistan, its rich natural resources, and the designs of […]

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Author Clint Werner and Dr. William Courtney: Benefits of Cannabis to Treat Cancer and Many Other Diseases Blocked by Irrational Drug Laws

July 8, 2012

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Preview Clip Clint Werner, author of Marijuana: Gateway to Health joins William Courtney, MD to talk about amazing […]

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