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August 2012

Fracking Researcher Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog with Updates on ALEC Laws, PA Court Victory, Sands of Wisconsin and more

August 31, 2012

Preview Clip Steve Horn, Research Fellow at DeSmogBlog, returns with updates on a range of fracking issues, including ALEC’s role in pushing laws that override local control of natural gas drilling.

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Talkin’ Back to Condi: PBC Rebuts GOP Convention Speech of Condoleeza Rice

August 30, 2012

Preview Clip Your humble host shares the comments he hurled at his TV last night as Bush loyalist Condoleeza Rice panders to GOP extremists and re-writes recent history.

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Boiling Frogs: Activist and Author David Swanson on the Thinning Ranks of Peace Activists and the Expanding War Machinery

August 27, 2012

Preview Clip David Swanson, author and tireless, inspiring activist, joins us for this Boiling Frogs interview, co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds.

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Journalist Gareth Porter: US Drone Strikes ARE Killing Civilians; FireDogLake’s Kevin Gosztola Explains the State Secrets Privilege; Will Durst on Akin

August 23, 2012

Preview Clip Journalist and historian Gareth Porter returns to detail his Truthout exclusive on civilian deaths from drone strikes.  Kevin Gosztola of FireDogLake on his recap of the illegitimate state secrets privilege.  Will Durst on Rep. Todd Akin’s ignorant comments on rape.

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Harper’s Thomas Frank on Obama’s Centrist Ideology, and His Distress Over Erosion of Our Rights

August 21, 2012

Preview Clip Thomas Frank, author of Pity the Billionaire and lead essayist for Harper’s, returns to talk about his recent column and a range of current issues.  Gary Chew on Will Ferrell’s new flick, The Campaign;  Will Durst’s latest is promised, but we don’t have the audio file yet.

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Boiling Frogs: Ex-CIA Analyst Ray McGovern on Obama’s Drones, Targeted Killings, Cyberwarfare and more

August 17, 2012

Preview Clip Ray McGovern, the outspoken but gentle former intelligence officer, talks about a number of important current issues; co-host with Sibel Edmonds

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Attorney Carl Mayer and Plaintiff Tangerine Bolen Fight Obama’s Lawyers Over NDAA Detention; Prof. David Coates of Wake Forest on the Domestic Political “Wars” that Drown Out the Foreign Wars

August 14, 2012

Preview Clip Attorney Carl Mayer returns, joined by his client Tangerine Bolen, an activist and co-plaintiff in suit that challenges NDAA detention.

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Boiling Frogs: Journalist Rick Rozoff on NATO, Syria and More

August 13, 2012

Preview Clip Journalist and NATO expert Rick Rozoff returns in this Boiling Frogs interview, co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds.

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Appeals Court Deals Major Setback in Wiretap Case–Details from Attorney Jon Eisenberg; Bill of Rights Defense Committee’s Shahid Buttar on Wiretaps, Stop’n’Frisk, and More

August 9, 2012

Preview Clip As the saga of the only surviving case against illegal wiretaps hits a wall, Jon Eisenberg returns with the update;  Shahid Buttar of BORDC joins us to talk about a range of issues related to our Constitutional rights. 

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Diane Roark, Former House Intelligence Staffer Who Opposed the Illegal Domestic Wiretap Scheme

August 7, 2012

Preview Clip Diane S. Roark, former senior staffer on the House Intelligence Committee who opposed illegal domestic surveillance, has sued to stop retaliation and smears. 

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