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September 2012

Ford Greene, Attorney and Moonie De-Programmer, on the Death of Rev. Moon; Gary Chew Reviews ‘The Master'; Maxine Doogan Tells Californians: No on Prop. 35

September 28, 2012

Preview Clip Ford Greene, an expert on religious cults including Scientology and the Unification Church, returns to talk about the death of Rev. Moon.  Gary Chew reviews the new film The Master, which is based on the early life of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.  Maxine Doogan, a prostitute and activist for sex workers, explains […]

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Investigative Journalist Greg Palast on His New Book, Billionaires and Ballot Bandits

September 25, 2012

Preview Clip Greg Palast, one of America’s best muckrakers–whose work is widely seen in Britain–talks about the coordinated attack on voter participation and the big money that may manipulate the November election. 

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Update on Challenge to NDAA Detention Law: Attorney Carl Mayer Details ObamaCo’s Legal Wrangling and Explains Judge’s Ruling

September 20, 2012

Preview Clip No subscription needed–this podcast is free to all.  Carl Mayer returns to update desperate, disingenuous legal maneuvers from “Justice” Department.  Bottom line: unconstitutional detention rules are back in effect. 

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USF Prof. Sephen Zunes Comments on Libya, Mideast, Romney’s Bizarre Comments and more; Will Durst on Post-Convention Bounces

September 17, 2012

Preview Clip Stephen Zunes is professor of politics and chair of Middle East Studies at University of San Francisco.  See his website for the opening article on BushCo’s misadventures.  Will Durst on the post convention bounces and dips.

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Legal Victory! Attorney Carl Mayer Reports on Court Ruling that Nullifies Detention Provisions of NDAA; Warning! Harvey Wasserman on How the GOP Will Steal the Election

September 13, 2012

Preview Clips In a rare, clearcut victory for our Constitutional rights, federal judge Katherine Forrest rules against the extreme detention provisions of NDAA;  Harvey Wasserman, co-author of Will the GOP Steal America’s 2012 Election? details the 6 major ways.

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Boiling Frogs: Pepe Escobar on the Real Scene in Syria, Threats to Attack Iran, and More

September 12, 2012

Preview Clip In this Boiling Frogs interview, co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds, Pepe Escobar of Asia Times reports on Syria, the threats to attack Iran, and other international intrigue.

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Presidential Candidate Rocky Anderson Challenges the 2-Party Lockout, Fights Against the Creeping Police State

September 11, 2012

Preview Clip Rocky Anderson, presidential candidate of the Justice Party, joins us for a wide-ranging conversation about our failed 2-party system and the battle to restore the Constitution.

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Extreme Religions: New Website Reveals Romney’s Mormonism; Archbishop Stallings Shares His Upbeat Views of Rev. Moon, Recently Departed

September 6, 2012

Preview Clip Journalist Steve Pizzo unveils a new website about the Mormon religion and its impact on Bishop Mitt Romney; Archbishop Stallings provides a lively defense of the recently departed Rev. Sun Myung Moon, revealing he was a participant in one of Moon’s mass marriage rites.

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Israeli Professor Yehouda Shenhav Shares His Provocative Ideas in New Book

September 4, 2012

Preview Clip Beyond the Two State Solution is the new book from Yehouda Shenhav, a professor at Tel Aviv University; he explains his view of a one-state solution, where Israelis and Palestinians share a nation.

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