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January 2013

Author, Former CIA Analyst Mel Goodman with Strong, Informed Criticism of Many Obama Policies; Leah Bolger of Veterans for Peace has Mixed Feelings About Women in Combat

January 29, 2013

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Free Preview Clip Melvin A.  Goodman, former CIA analyst, now a professor and author, was an honest critic […]

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Portland’s Progressive Host, Carl Wolfson, is Back; Chicago Defense Attorney Flint Taylor Fights Torture by Chicago Police

January 25, 2013

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Free Preview Clip Longtime KPOJ/Portland morning host Carl Wolfson is back, with daily live show; Flint Taylor of […]

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Palestinian Iyad Burnat from the West Bank, on His Brother’s Oscar-Nominated Documentary, “5 Broken Cameras”

January 22, 2013

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Free Preview Clip Iyad Burnat from the West Bank town of Bi’lin and Anna Rogers of Marin Peace […]

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Two Progressives Review Obama’s First Term, Preview the Second: Prof. David Coates and Norman Solomon

January 17, 2013

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Free Preview Clip Timed for the inauguration, we look back at the first Obama term, and the prospects […]

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Minstrel Roy Zimmerman Returns to Share New Songs, Report on 49-state US Tour

January 16, 2013

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Free Preview Clip Roy Zimmerman, singer-songwriter with a satirical political twist, is back with new songs and a […]

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Truthout’s Jason Leopold on His Upcoming Trip to Guantanamo, His Update on the Gitmo “Suicide” of Adnan Latif, and the Case of ex-CIA Spy John Kiriakou

January 15, 2013

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Free Preview Clip In this wide-ranging conversation with Jason Leopold, Truthout’s lead investigative reporter, he talks about his […]

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Nick Turse, Author of ‘Kill Anything That Moves’, Recounts Vietnam War Crimes; Andy Worthington on Guantanamo, Becoming a Tomb for At Least 86 Men Cleared for Release

January 11, 2013

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Free Preview Clip Nick Turse leads our podcast, author of Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War […]

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CIA Veteran Ray McGovern Speaks Out on Obama’s Cabinet Picks: Supports Hagel, Opposes Brennan and Kerry

January 9, 2013

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Free Preview Clip Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst, offers candid comments on Obama’s nominations of Hagel, Brennan, and […]

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Attorney Jon Eisenberg Reluctantly Drops Appeal in Wiretap Case: President Can Break the Law with No Consequences

January 8, 2013

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Free Preview Clip Attorney Jon Eisenberg and his legal team drop appeals, fearing Supreme Court could deliver worse […]

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Bill of Rights Defender Shahid Buttar Talks About FISA Extension, NDAA Detention Law and Other Attacks on Our Rights

January 4, 2013

[subscribers] [/subscribers] Free Preview Clip Shahid Buttar, Executive Director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, returns to talk about […]

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