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January 2013

Author, Former CIA Analyst Mel Goodman with Strong, Informed Criticism of Many Obama Policies; Leah Bolger of Veterans for Peace has Mixed Feelings About Women in Combat

January 29, 2013

Free Preview Clip Melvin A.  Goodman, former CIA analyst, now a professor and author, was an honest critic of Bush, […]

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Portland’s Progressive Host, Carl Wolfson, is Back; Chicago Defense Attorney Flint Taylor Fights Torture by Chicago Police

January 25, 2013

Free Preview Clip Longtime KPOJ/Portland morning host Carl Wolfson is back, with daily live show; Flint Taylor of the People’s […]

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Palestinian Iyad Burnat from the West Bank, on His Brother’s Oscar-Nominated Documentary, “5 Broken Cameras”

January 22, 2013

Free Preview Clip Iyad Burnat from the West Bank town of Bi’lin and Anna Rogers of Marin Peace and Justice […]

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Two Progressives Review Obama’s First Term, Preview the Second: Prof. David Coates and Norman Solomon

January 17, 2013

Free Preview Clip Timed for the inauguration, we look back at the first Obama term, and the prospects in the […]

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Minstrel Roy Zimmerman Returns to Share New Songs, Report on 49-state US Tour

January 16, 2013

Free Preview Clip Roy Zimmerman, singer-songwriter with a satirical political twist, is back with new songs and a report on […]

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Truthout’s Jason Leopold on His Upcoming Trip to Guantanamo, His Update on the Gitmo “Suicide” of Adnan Latif, and the Case of ex-CIA Spy John Kiriakou

January 15, 2013

Free Preview Clip In this wide-ranging conversation with Jason Leopold, Truthout’s lead investigative reporter, he talks about his upcoming trip […]

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Nick Turse, Author of ‘Kill Anything That Moves’, Recounts Vietnam War Crimes; Andy Worthington on Guantanamo, Becoming a Tomb for At Least 86 Men Cleared for Release

January 11, 2013

Free Preview Clip Nick Turse leads our podcast, author of Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam.  […]

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CIA Veteran Ray McGovern Speaks Out on Obama’s Cabinet Picks: Supports Hagel, Opposes Brennan and Kerry

January 9, 2013

Free Preview Clip Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst, offers candid comments on Obama’s nominations of Hagel, Brennan, and Kerry; deplores […]

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Attorney Jon Eisenberg Reluctantly Drops Appeal in Wiretap Case: President Can Break the Law with No Consequences

January 8, 2013

Free Preview Clip Attorney Jon Eisenberg and his legal team drop appeals, fearing Supreme Court could deliver worse ruling that […]

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Bill of Rights Defender Shahid Buttar Talks About FISA Extension, NDAA Detention Law and Other Attacks on Our Rights

January 4, 2013

Free Preview Clip Shahid Buttar, Executive Director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, returns to talk about the latest […]

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