Globetrotting Journalist Pepe Escobar on His New Book, “Empire of Chaos”, plus: Endless Afghan War, Hagel’s Exit, Beghazi Report and More

November 25, 2014

Free Preview Clip Pepe Escobar returns to talk about his great new book, and recent developments in world affairs, from Afghanistan to Syria, the firing of Pentagon boss Chuck Hagel, and the GOP Beghazi report that made him laugh out loud.

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Re-Thinking Prisons and Incarceration with Truthout Editor Maya Schenwar

November 21, 2014

Free Preview Clip Maya Schenwar, editor-in-chief of, talks about her new book about America’s prisons, Locked Down, Locked Out.

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Enviro-journalist Mark Schapiro Sleuths the Impact of Climate Change and the Cost of Carbon

November 19, 2014

Free Preview Clip Veteran environmental journalist Mark Schapiro talks about his new book, Carbon Shock and comments on Obama’s emissions deal with China, Keystone and related issues.

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Ray McGovern Recounts Being Barred from Petraeus Event, Suspects Surveillance

November 10, 2014

Free Preview Clip Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern shares his account of being denied entry to a New York event where David Petraeus was speaking, as he was arrested and roughed up by police, and suspects the spooks were alerted by intercepted email.

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Incisive Commentary on Israel/Palestine with Former UN Official Richard Falk and Israeli Journalist Ofra Yeshua-Lyth

November 6, 2014

Free Preview Clip Richard Falk served as UN Rapporteur for Palestine 2008-2014, and Ofra Yeshua-Lyth is an Israeli journalist. They join me for this in-depth discussion on the current situation and recent events in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

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Sibel Edmonds Goes Deep on Her New Novel, and the Deep State

November 3, 2014

Preview Clip–No Subscription Required Sibel Edmonds talks about her new novel, The Lone Gladio, and explains some of the key elements of her fictional narrative based on the “deep state”, Operation Gladio, and CIA covert operations.

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One Year After His Bogus Arrest, Roger Shuler Talks About the Cost of Journalism in Alabama

October 30, 2014

Free Preview Clip Roger Shuler, the Alabama blogger who was arrested a year ago and spent 5 months in jail for practicing journalism, talks about the price he has paid, and recent events and reports that vindicate his reporting.

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Journalist Reese Erlich Offers Informed Comment on America’s New War in Syria, Iraq

October 28, 2014

Free Preview Clip Reese Erlich has travelled widely in the war zones of the Middle East, and joins us to talk about his new book, Inside Syria.

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Hear Mumia Abu-Jamal Denounce Pennsylvania’s Unconstitutional Gag Law

October 24, 2014

Free Preview Clip Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio explains the new law that was rammed through the legislature and signed today by the desperate governor of Pennsylvania, aimed at silencing Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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Outspoken Katha Pollitt Stands Up for Abortion Rights with Her New Book, “Pro”

October 22, 2014

Free Preview Clip Columnist and author Katha Pollitt dropped by the secret studio for this in-depth interview about the renewed struggle over abortion rights and birth control.

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