Progressive Think-Tanker Phyllis Bennis Explains ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State

July 24, 2015

Free Preview Clip Phyllis Bennis is a brilliant foreign policy analyst with a voice like Kathleen Turner’s.  Today, she talks […]

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Supreme Court and Harper’s Make It Official: It’s OK to Criticize Flaws in Obamacare

July 20, 2015

Free Preview Clip Veteran consumer journalist Trudy Lieberman wrote the cover story for Harper’s July edition, an honest critique of […]

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Independent Journalist Gareth Porter Shares Some Truths About Iranian Nuke Deal

July 16, 2015

Free Preview Clip Gareth Porter offers critical analysis of the 20-month negotiations with Iran, concluding that the Iranians used their […]

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Was Charleston Church Shooting “Terrorism”? We Discuss With NYU’s Faiza Patel

July 13, 2015

Free Preview Clip NYU School of Law’s Faiza Patel talks about her recent commentary about the use of the term […]

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The Sanders Surge Leads to Squabbles Among Democrats and Progressives

July 10, 2015

Everybody’s a pundit and an expert these days, and even lefties who agree they don’t support Hillary Clinton can’t agree […]

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Col. Ann Wright, Global Peace Activist, Reports on Recent Gaza Freedom Flotilla, BDS, More

July 6, 2015

Free Preview Clip Retired Army Col. Ann Wright returns to talk about her recent peacekeeping mission on the Gaza Freedom […]

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Election Protection Guru Brad Friedman Comments on Supreme Court Ruling on Redistricting in Arizona

July 1, 2015

Free Preview Clip Brad Friedman, longtime advocate for election integrity, joins us to talk about a key Supreme Court decision […]

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Environmental Activist, Visionary Randy Hayes Fights Climate Change and Many Other Environmental Threats

June 29, 2015

Free Preview Clip Randy Hayes, co-founder of Rainforest Action Network and the new Foundation Earth, joins us to talk about […]

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Prof. Andrew Bacevich Challenges Beltway Bullshit on Iraq, Syria and Islamic State

June 22, 2015

Free Preview Clip Andrew J. Bacevich is a retired Army colonel who served in Vietnam and taught politics at Boston […]

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Ralph Nader Offers Strong, Critical Comments of TPP, War Powers and More

June 18, 2015

Free Preview Clip Ralph Nader, consumer crusader, former presidential candidate talks about the Trans Pacific Partnership, war powers, and much […]

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