A Frank Conversation with Retired Congressman Barney Frank

April 2, 2015

Free Preview Clip Barney Frank was a very effective legislator, the first member of Congress to come out as gay, […]

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Iran Expert Gareth Porter Updates The Nuclear Negotiations

April 1, 2015

Free Preview Clip Veteran independent journalist Gareth Porter returns to talk about the negotiations with Iran over nuclear limits and […]

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Rutgers Prof. Todd Wolfson and Pioneer Michael Eisenmenger on Indy Media Centers and the Cyber Left

March 17, 2015

Free Preview Clip Todd Wolfson is an assistant professor of journalism and media at Rutgers University; Michael Eisenmenger formerly taught […]

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Prof. Peter Laufer Traces “Organic” Products Back to the Farm

March 13, 2015

Free Preview Clip Peter Laufer’s new book Organic explores the huge growth in food products labeled “organic”, in part by tracking […]

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Fresh Out of Prison, Former CIA Officer John Kiriakou Talks Torture, Much More

March 6, 2015

Free Preview Clip John Kiriakou is the only American jailed in connection with Bush-era torture programs–for being a whistleblower. In […]

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Blockbuster: Former Gitmo Guard Joe Hickman Exposes Truth About “America’s Battle Lab”

February 27, 2015

Free Preview Clip http://www.peterbcollins.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Hickman.mp3 Joseph Hickman is fighting to expose the truth about Guantanamo, the 3 prisoners who died on […]

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International Cartoon Expert Bart Beaty Provides History, Context for Controversial “Charlie Hebdo”

February 25, 2015

Free Preview Clip Prof. Bart Beaty, who heads the English department at the University of Calgary, joins us to explain […]

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Former High School Teacher Paula McAvoy Talks About Politics in the Classroom

February 23, 2015

Free Preview Clip Paula McAvoy is a former California high school social studies teacher and co-author of The Political Classroom.  In […]

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Investigative Reporter Peter Byrne Debunks Breast Cancer Cluster Reports

February 19, 2015

Free Preview Clip In a new crowdfunded investigation, investigative journalist Peter Byrne challenges claims that Marin County, California has the […]

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Anti-Nuke Activist David Eisenstein Launches MonstahPAC

February 13, 2015

Free Preview Clip David Eisenstein is a southern California attorney who has been active in the shutdown and cleanup of […]

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