New Author Alice Goffman Explains Why Young Black Men Run From Cops

May 20, 2015

Free Preview Clip On The Run, Alice Goffman’s important first book, is based on 6 years of observation of the […]

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In Bizarre Case, Border Patrol Prosecutes America’s Top Critic of the Polygraph

May 6, 2015

Free Preview Clip For over 3 decades, Doug Williams has debunked the polygraph test.  Customs & Border Patrol led a […]

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NSA Whistleblower Kirk Wiebe Slams Limited Surveillance Reform

May 4, 2015

Free Preview Clip J. Kirk Wiebe, 32-year veteran of NSA, rejects the charade of limited surveillance reform and urges passage […]

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Brilliant Reporter Pepe Escobar Updates the Yemen War and Much More

April 30, 2015

Free Preview Clip Globetrotting journalist Pepe Escobar joins us from Paris, offering informed offshore perspectives on Mediterranean refugees, Yemen, Saudi […]

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Bill of Rights Defender Shahid Buttar on New Attorney General, Patriot Act Renewal, and His Recent Arrest

April 27, 2015

Free Preview Clip Shahid Buttar, executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, comments on our new Attorney General, […]

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Psychiatrist Justin Frank Analyzes the Fear That’s Used to Control Us

April 24, 2015

Free Preview Clip Justin Frank, MD, author of Obama On the Couch, returns to discuss the role of manufactured fear in […]

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Prof. Graeme Macqueen Comments on New Lawsuit Charging FBI Bungled Anthrax Investigation

April 17, 2015

Free Preview Clip Requested by many listeners, Prof. Graeme Macqueen talks about the 2001 anthrax episode, as one of the […]

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Reese Erlich Offers Commentary on Iran Nuke Framework, Yemen War, Cuba and more

April 10, 2015

Free Preview Clip Reese Erlich, the independent journalist and author who specializes in foreign policy, returns to talk about the […]

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Superlawyer Burt Neuborne Breaks Down the Perfect Poetry of the First Amendment

April 6, 2015

Free Preview Clip Prof. Burt Neuborne spent decades with ACLU, helped found Brennan Center and teaches law at NYU.  He […]

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A Frank Conversation with Retired Congressman Barney Frank

April 2, 2015

Free Preview Clip Barney Frank was a very effective legislator, the first member of Congress to come out as gay, […]

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