Prof. Andrew Bacevich Challenges Beltway Bullshit on Iraq, Syria and Islamic State

June 22, 2015

Free Preview Clip Andrew J. Bacevich is a retired Army colonel who served in Vietnam and taught politics at Boston […]

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Ralph Nader Offers Strong, Critical Comments of TPP, War Powers and More

June 18, 2015

Free Preview Clip Ralph Nader, consumer crusader, former presidential candidate talks about the Trans Pacific Partnership, war powers, and much […]

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Aspen Baker, Author of “Pro-Voice”, Offers Third Way to Talk About Abortion

June 15, 2015

Free Preview Clip Aspen Baker is a founder of the nonprofit Exhale, and author of the new book: Pro-Voice: How to […]

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FOIA Junkie Jason Leopold Talks About His Capitol Hill Testimony

June 11, 2015

Free Preview Clip Investigative reporter Jason Leopold, now with VICE news, returns to talk about his testimony to a House […]

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Palestinian Baha Hilo Describes Daily Humiliations in West Bank

June 10, 2015

Free Preview Clip Baha Hilo is a Palestinian who lives in the West Bank, and in this in=depth interview, he […]

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In Government Sting Case, Polygraph Critic Doug Williams Changed Plea to “Guilty”

June 1, 2015

Free Preview Clip Following up on our May 6 interview with Doug Williams, we talk with George W. Maschke about […]

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Use of Stingray Cellphone Surveillance Exposed in Trial in Shooting of Oakland Cop

May 29, 2015

Free Preview Clip Oakland’s rogue police department has been under supervision of a federal court for 10 years, but that […]

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Russ Baker Recaps Tsarnaev Trial, Most Questions Remain Unanswered

May 22, 2015

Preview Clip: No Subscription Required Russ Baker, publisher of returns to recap the political show trial that produced a […]

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New Author Alice Goffman Explains Why Young Black Men Run From Cops

May 20, 2015

Free Preview Clip On The Run, Alice Goffman’s important first book, is based on 6 years of observation of the […]

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In Bizarre Case, Border Patrol Prosecutes America’s Top Critic of the Polygraph

May 6, 2015

Free Preview Clip For over 3 decades, Doug Williams has debunked the polygraph test.  Customs & Border Patrol led a […]

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