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John Dissed

John Dissed is a 100% independent rock and roll guitarist-turned
singer-songwriter ascending from the deep bowels of the Los Angeles
underground. He has donated physical copies of his brand new, ten-song CD, Red Flag to new annual subscribers of the Peter B. Collins Show, which he cites as a major lyrical inspiration. Red Flag is exactly what the title purports it to be – a post-9/11 wake-up call – that the chickens have indeed “come home to roost”, the constitution is under attack from within, this is not the America we learned about in school and we’d better wake up ASAP.

These CDs are limited edition and right now only available online
to my subscribers. If you aren’t ready to subscribe today but like the
idea of classic rock with punk attitude, and a non-partisan political
twist, go to to get some free music for your iPod.

And that’s not all!

New annual subscribers also receive a bag of Kick-Ass Kona Coffee, donated by Russ Archibald, a PBC listener who grows and hand-picks the coffee on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Offer good while supplies last.  If you’d like to order a shipment of coffee directly from Russ, email  (

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