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So much going on….

This has been quite a week. Ron Suskind’s revelations about Bush/Cheney’s attempts to get the CIA to forge a document creating a connection between Saddam and 9/11, Bush’s reported berating of the FBI director who wasn’t willing to falsely blame Al Qaeda for the anthrax incidents, and the corporate media offering healthy skepticsm (for a change) of the FBI’s “case closed” fingering Dr. Ivins for the anthrax mailings, now that he is (conveniently) no longer alive to defend himself. Impeachment is on the table–in Pakistan. And the Hamdan show trial at Gitmo produces a split decision and a humane sentence, despite the fundamental unfairness of the process and the fact that Hamdan was tortured. If you missed some of these topics, grab a podcast and get caught up.

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