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PBC News & Comment: GOP-Run Congress Is Run by Gun Lobby

Only one GOP senator voted to block gun sales to people on terror watch list, showing total control of NRA….--FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley raises important questions about terrorist watch lists and efforts to tighten visa process

--anonymous government source says female shooter in San Bernardino had just posted IS pledge of allegiance on Facebook before the carnage

--White House looks for ways to bypass Congress on gun control, finds little

--in op-ed, Ali Gharib notes the American irony: we’ll got to war overseas, but won’t limit guns in the US

--15 years after passage, GOP author of Dickey Amendment that blocked research into gun violence changes his mind

--Putin continues Russia’s war of words on Turkey, as atheist invokes Allah

--last UN report on Iran’s nonexistent nuclear program prods NY Times questions about “bad precedent”

--German government repudiates intel report that told the truth about Saudi Arabia

--at al Jazeera, Michael Pizzi notes that Arab nations have quietly dropped out of anti-Daesh air war, leaving it a US and European “coalition”

--Trump offends Zionists at Adelson confab, with bad jokes about Jews and a bit of honesty about Israel

--Bush and Cheney return to Capitol for unveiling of Cheney bust, and exhibit their lack of shame, again

--new report exposes millions squandered on “reconstruction” in Afghanistan