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PBC News & Comment: Bill Clinton Leads Faith-based Revival Meeting

Dem convention morphs into faith-based revival meeting, as Bill Clinton feeds the faithful selected tidbits from Hillary’s bio, omissions galore….--but Trump grabs the spotlight back by inviting Russia to hack more emails of DNC and Clinton

--Wikileaks’ release of DNC emails was personal payback from Assange to Clinton

--corporate media say “consensus grows that Russia hacked DNC” but never mentions how aggressive US is in cyber warfare

--in historic achievement, Democrats nominated a woman for president, the wrong woman

--“Mothers of the Movement”, led by Sandra Bland’s mom, make moving presentation at convention

--Democratic demagogues push false choice of Hillary or suicide on people like me, who know too much about Clinton to vote for her; read Rob Cotton's post

--in The Guardian, Steven Thrasher tells Clinton supporters "don’t blame Bernie Bros if she loses"

--Politico details the false promises and money laundering of the Hillary Victory Fund…..the next self-inflicted Clinton wound?

--Newsbud scores retraction from NBC over false tweets during Turkey coup attempt, and fingers retired US Army General Campbell as likely source

--John Hinckley, who tried to kill Ronald Reagan, is released from custody