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11-14-07 Episode

Guests: Peter Byrne, Representative Jim McDermott, Larisa Alexandrovna, Lt. Governor John Garamendi, and Ted Braun.
Time of guest appearance: Start of show - Peter Byrne, a censored honoree, discusses Feinstein and Blum conflicts of interest. 60 minutes in - Representative Jim McDermott discusses the possibility of war games on Iran, and 50 billion dollars more for Iraq. 90 minutes in - Larisa Alexandrovna from discusses conflicting reports on attack on Syria 9/6 120 minutes in - Lt. Governor John Garamendi discusses the oil spill response, UC increasing for students and administration, and the possibility of Prop 93 term limits fix. 150 minutes in - Ted Braun, writer/director of Darfur Now, joins us.