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5-18-07 Episode

Guests: Michael Sherer, Larry Korb, Dr. James JEnnings, Carl Marlinga, Peter DeFazio, and Brad Friedman
Time of guest appearance: Start of show - Michael Sherer, from discusses Giuliani. 30 minutes in - Larry Korb discusses the possibility of the White House vetoing a raise for the troops, and bush's position of "Supporting the troops" 60 minutes in - Dr. James Jennings discusses Bush and Blair being rosy on Iraq. 90 minutes in - Carl Marlinga, a Detroit county prosecutor who ran for congress in 06 and was one of 21 Democrats since 01 to be the target of a US attorney witch hunt disscusses his experiences. 120 minutes in - Peter DeFazio, a Democratic congressman from Oregon discusses his take on current politics, including whether to impeach Alberto Gonzalez. 140 minutes in - Brad Friedman from discusses MO voter fraud lawyer resigning, and the Sarasota Worm that affected voting machines in Sarasota.