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OMG, There’s a Lib on My Tee Vee!!

After hearing Giuliani, Palin and others demonize the “liberal media” at the RNC last week, it’s so damn refreshing to see a new progressive face in prime time on cable news. Rachel Maddow had a pretty smooth launch on MSNBC tonight, and delivered nooz and perspective with some of that cool attitude she brings to her radio show. I was glad that they didn’t have a lotta whooshes or cartoon graphics, and far less of the cheezy celebrations of celebrities, morons, and O’Reilly that clutter up Olberman’s show.

This viewer must ask: why does MSNBC insert the Grand Wizard of the culture wars into every one of its shows? Pat Buchanan is only occasionally relevant these days, but he seems to be the most frequent paid panelist on MSNBC and Rachel is not immune–there was Pat on her maiden voyage, the feminist voice defending Palin from the “scurvy lies and slander” on dailykos and now here’s Pat, the Opus Dei Catholic extremist, defending the VP candidate for her religious extremist views You Tubed fresh this summer, by sliming Rachel for “trashing religion” by examining the religious rants of the born-again Gov. Now, Pat lobs the absurd smokebomb, demanding proof that Palin plans to establish her church as a national church but that’s a dud so he attacks Obama for Rev. Wright as Rachel deftly scolds him “bad strategy to talk about trashing religion and come on and bring that stuff up” and winds the geezer down to the break with a thankyouverymuch. We’re all
rooting for Rachel to survive and thrive in the pixel jungle of cable news–tell your friends to watch!