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Guilty of Blog Neglect

Your humble host has been neglecting the blog here.  I marvel at the people who can crank out items and make it interesting on a daily basis.  But doing the daily radio show along with my other work that supports my teetering empire, and keeping up with all the breaking news in our wacky world–most days I don’t have much extra time to pound out the rants that don’t make it on the show.

My thanks to Jeff Santos and his team in Boston for adding our show on AM 1510.  We’re excited to reach new listeners and get a coast-to-coast dialogue going.  My grandfather was from New England, and I’ve always enjoyed spending time and meeting its warm and colorful people (OK, they’re not all warm!).  Please email me with New England topics and views that you think should be included in our mix!

To my radio-active supporters:  With Bill O’Reilly dropping out of radio, contact your local station that’s been airing his bombast and dare them to put an independent progressive like PBC on in his place.  As you may know, I’d like to reach beyond the left radio ghetto and connect with the new majority that elected Obama and others in November; and, I confess, I love to argue with dittoheads.  If you contact a station, email me the info so we can follow up.

Warm Holiday greetings from Katrina, Nick and me!