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Eric Boehlert: Senior Fellow at Media Matters for America. He is the author of “Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over for Bush”.

Kevin Surace: a noted speaker and writer on climate change and the built environment, is on a mission to significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels and their effect on the environment. As CEO of Serious Materials, Kevin leads the company in its mission to reduce energy usage and CO2 generation of the world’s largest contributor, our buildings.

Andrew Jakabovics: is the Associate Director for the Economic Mobility Program. He works on housing, household debt, and higher education, as well as other issues related to sustaining and growing the middle class.

Hina Shamsi: is a Staff Attorney in the ACLU’s National Security Project. Her focus includes freedom of speech and association, including the material support statutes, torture, detention, and fair trial practices.

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