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Thanks for all the Pledges!!

Activist listeners rallied to try to save the PBC Show, and I’m gratified by more than 200 people from all over the world (including Japan, Costa Rica and Hawaii) who emailed to pledge an average of $10 a month to support the program.

While this isn’t enough to reverse course, most of those who pledged said they would subscribe to our podcast in the future.  At this difficult time, it buoys me to see so many people who value what we do and want to keep it going.

So, with the support of current online listeners, I know we can launch a podcast show in June, and I’m excited about it.  If you want to be alerted when we launch, be sure to email me so I can add you to our list (which will not be shared with anyone else).

By the way, “podcast” has become a generic term for listening via the internet.  If you don’t have an iPod or other player, you can still listen on your computer, download the show and burn to CD or other means of making it portable.

I realize that some of our current AM listeners won’t make the transition, and I will miss you.  It’s possible that the podcast will be formatted for weekend broadcast on AM stations, and we can let you know if an when that happens.   In any event, Happy Trails to you!