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Writer Richard Rapaport takes us back in time, when the GOP attacked health care reform as “socialized medicine”. The AMA hired Ronald Reagan and organized Operation Coffee Cup to mobilize Republican women to deliver the talking point. Dave Meserve, former City Council member in Arcata, California, talks about the federal court overturning the ballot measures Meserve wrote which banned military recruiters from contacting underage teens. And our own Tommy Panik, our in-depth-undercover-low-budget-investigative-reporter, indulges in ridiculous speculation about recent injuries to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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Podcast #3

Just a year ago, John Laird was battling Arnold Schwarzenegger over the California budget mess. The former Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee talks about the ongoing fight, and Arnold’s plans to blow up the Waste Management Board (where Laird now works) even though it gets no revenue from the state general fund. Peter B. also talks with Roger Shuler of about the case of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, who was railroaded into prison by pals of Karl Rove and is getting stiff-armed by the Obama Justice Department.