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Info on Podcast #14

US Escalation in Afghanistan, the Truth about Cronkite and Vietnam, the voice of a former US detainee and torture victim, and an alert about new interrogation legislation. Norman Solomon, author of War Made Easy and producer of a documentary based on the book, talks about Obama’s escalation in Afghanistan, his plans to visit soon, and the truth about Walter Cronkite and Vietnam. While pursuing a story about Britain’s victims in the “war on terror”, PBC found Moazzam Begg, the director of, and learned of Begg’s own story of torture by US personnel in Afghanistan followed by 2 years at Gitmo.  Then he talked with Bill Quigley, Legal Director at the Center for Constitutional Rights who issued an alert about a Senate bill that would ban contractors from conducting interrogations and require video taping of terrorist interrogations.  The alert asks you to contact your senator and ask them to support the bill, despite reported opposition from the Obama White House.