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info on Podcast #21

Obama’s disappointing health insurance reform; a new group called Progressives for Immigration Reform; Tommy Panik on Larry Craig’s new consulting firm; and an obit on Rev. Ike.  In our first segment, Dr. Len Saputo and Byron Belitsos talk about their book, “A Return to Healing: Radical Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine” and about their frustrating efforts to educate lawmakers about the major reforms we need, but are unlikely to get. PBC challenges Leah Durant, executive director of “Progressives For Immigration Reform” who uses progressive language to support right wing reform proposals.   PBC gets a rare in-studio report from his in-depth undercover low-budget investigative reporter, Tommy Panik, fresh from Palin’s Quitfest in Alaska.  Tommy has the scoop on disgraced ex-Sen. Larry Craig’s new consulting gig.  And PBC notes the passing of the founder of God’s Greed Squad, Rev. Ike