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Info on Podcast #28

Scott Horton on Karl Rove, the US Attorneys scandal and the Siegelman case, torture investigations, wiretapping and the 4th Amendment; film producers Leslie and Andrew Cockburn talk about the mortgage meltdown; and Gary Chew reviews “In The Loop”.

Horton writes for Harpers magazine and The Huffington Post and teaches law at Columbia.  He dissects the lies in Rove’s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal and explains the law related to executive privilege, and the conflict of interest of White House Counsel Greg Craig in negotiating the unusual terms of Rove’s “interview” with the House Judiciary Committee.

Horton says a special prosecutor will be named on August 24 to investigate torture, but it’s unclear if s/he will have the freedom to pursue the deciders who were truly responsible for Bush’s torture regime.  The Cockburns have just released American Casino, a feature documentary about the martgage mess, and have sharp comments on predatory lending and the Obama team’s failure so far to rein in the abuses and prosecute the thieves.

And our movie critic Gary Chew reviews the new satire, In The Loop.