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Info on Podcast #31

Former CIA analyst Mel Goodman on the torture report, Holder’s special prosecutor, Leon’s Panetta’s weak leadership, and more; David Cobb, former Green Party Presidential nominee on corporate personhood, Supreme Court case. Goodman is the author of Failure of Intelligence: The Decline and Fall of the CIA, and spent more than 20 years at the Agency. He is critical of the Obama effort to limit the investigations, and the administration’s heavy redaction of the 5-year-old Inspector General’s report. He also criticizes the Washington Post and David Ignatius for pro-CIA bias. David Cobb’s Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County is plaintiff in the Supreme Court case (regarding an anti-Hillary TV program that was funded by corporations) to be heard in September, and is hoping for a ruling that would deny corporations the same rights as “persons” under the Constitution. You can read their brief here.