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Info on Podcast #33

David Cole talks about the torture memos;  Col. Ann Wright on Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, and sexual violence in the US military; Andy Dral talks about increasing shareholders’ rights in corporations.  Prof. Cole teaches law at Georgetown and writes for The Nation.  His new book, The Torture Memos: Rationalizing the Unthinkable, reprints the memos from Yoo, Bybee and others that created the legal pretext for Bush’s torture regime.

Bybee’s ludicrous claim of national self defense, and the ridiculous efforts to re-define methods that clearly violate our laws and treaties are the basis of Cole’s call for investigations and accountability.

Ann Wright is a retired Army colonel who was working for the State Deparment and was sent to Afghanistan in December, 2001.  She offers clear commentary on our continued presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

We also talk about her new effort to support women in the military and expose rape and other sexual violence against female soldiers.

Andy Dral checks in from a noisy pay phone on Wall St. to promote the idea of revising the “proxy access rule” to give shareholders a real voice in a corporation.  He is responding to our recent discussion of “corporate pershonhood” with David Cobb.