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Info on Podcast #41

Journalist Reese Erlich, just back from Afghanistan, and analyst Conn Hallinan talk about the so-called “good war”.

And filmmaker Joe Berlinger talks about his new documentary, CRUDE: The Real Price of Oil and the 17-year legal battle over Chevron-Texaco’s toxic mess in the Amazon Basin.  Erlich reports on his on-scene observations and comments on reactions of Obama and Clinton to Gen McChrystal’s report and call for more US troops, and Hallinan debunks some of the American myths about the present and future in Afghanistan.

Read Hallinan’s commentaries at, Foreign Policy in Focus, especially his comparison to a Rubik’s Cube.  Berlinger, who also produced a documentary about Metallica, follows the efforts by Ecuadorian lawyer Pablo Fajardo to take on oil giant Chevron, which inherited Texaco’s liability for a mess estimated to cost $27 billion to clean up.

Berlinger is quite articulate; he describes the human toll of the mess, and the recent effort by allies of Chevron to entrap Judge Juan Nunez on video–which Chevron has seized on.  More info at and