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Info on Podcast #48

Two interesting authors:  Jerome Tucille and Lawren Farber.  Tuccille’s 26th book is “Gallo Be Thy Name: The Inside Story of How One Family Rose to Dominate the US Wine Market”.  As Tucille recounts the sometimes sordid history of the Gallo empire built by brothers Ernest and Julio, PBC confesses that Boone’s Farm was his gateway to a lifetime of wine consumption and that Julio was a regular PBC listener.  Farber is a Silicon Valley communications maven who also teaches college English, and his first novel has just been published, “Portage”.  Set in Akron, Farber’s hometown, “Portage” weaves the native American history of the region into a murder mystery.  Farber also reads from his forthcoming volume of poetry, In Stereo and Monaural.  Get the books and more info at