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Info on Podcast #53

Harvey “No Nukes” Wasserman on Sen. John Kerry’s support for coal, nuclear, and offshore drilling; Jennifer Nix talks about health care and explains why she loves her socialist kidney.  Wasserman is the author of “Solartopia” which demonstrates that we can survive and thrive on renewable energy.  He sees Democrats like Kerry greasing the skids for new nuke power plants, for the liars who promote “clean coal” and for those who think more offshore drilling makes sense.  Along the way, Harvey takes a few good shots at Obama’s war in Afghanistan.  Jen Nix is publisher of Guernica and had a kidney transplant earlier this year, and she explains that there is a special Medicare program for kidney patients that forces for-profit health insurers to provide coverage and also controls costs–the very type of “socialist” medicine that Repubs and Blue Dogs are trying to protect us from.  Read her article in Salon here.