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Info on Podcast #62

Prof. Stephen Zunes on US repudiation of the Goldstone report; activist David DeGraw says to Wall St.: “Stop, Thief!!” and Tommy Panik files an exclusive report. Zunes is a professor of Politics at the University of San Francisco, and writes for Foreign Policy in Focus. He deplores the 11/4 House vote, 344-36, to reject the Goldstone Commission report as “deeply flawed”, and the comments of UN Ambassador Susan Rice and State Dept’s P.J. Crowley that investigating alleged war crimes by Israel and Palestinians would impede the peace process. DeGraw runs the website and has intense feelings about the grand larceny of our financial sector presided over by Paulson and Geithner. Panik is our in-depth undercover low budget investigative report, and updates us on White House basketball, Levi Johnston and the Palin soap operas, and the recent reunion of the Cheney torture team. listen_button