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Info on Podcast #70

David Krikorian, challenger to GOP Rep. Jean Schmidt of Ohio, on Schmidt’s efforts to squelch Krikorian’s First Amendment rights; attorney Jeff Haas on the govt. murder of Black Panther Fred Hampton 40 years ago; Arlo Guthrie sings Alice’s Restaurant. Krikorian ran against Mean Jean in 2008, got 17% of the vote as an independent. After he announced he would challenge her again in 2010 as a Dem, Schmidt filed legal actions over Krikorian’s sharp criticism of her support from Turkish interests. Schmidt’s lawyer is Bruce Fein, an erstwhile friend of the PBC show for his support of impeachment for Bush and Cheney; Fein is counsel to the Turkish American Legal Defense Fund and an apologist for Turkey’s denial of the Armenian genocide.
Jeff Haas has written The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther PBC covered the trials that followed the murders as a young talk show host in Chicago in the ’70’s, and he asks Haas to compare the illegal actions of J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI with those occurring now. Haas appears in Berkeley at Books, Inc on Monday 11/20 at 7pm, and at City Lights in San Francisco on 12/1 at 7pm. Look for an in-depth conversation with Haas in a few weeks here, and get more info at And we continue our Thanksgiving tradition of playing the full length version of Arlo Guthrie’s hippie classic, Alice’s Restaurant.