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Info on Podcast #83

Yemenis trapped at Gitmo, Accountablity for BushCo? British journalist Andy Worthington is our expert on America’s Gulag and wrote The Guantanamo Files. Charlotte Dennett is a journalist and lawyer; her book The People v. Bush has just been published. Worthington talks about the new hysteria produced by the failed terrorist action on Christmas Day and the fear projected by American politicians of both parties. He corrects the record about the former Gitmo prisoners released under Bush who are now leading al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula, about Liz and Dick Cheney’s rants and about the 6 Yemenis released in December and more than 80 who remain. Dennett was a candidate for Vermont Attorney General in 2008, and based her campaign in part on Vincent Bugliosi’s legal strategy to prosecute Bush for murder. She talks about her campaign and the ongoing struggle for accountability, which is largely opposed by ObamaCo, and profiles activists like Michael Ratner, Glenn Greenwald, David Swanson and the ACLU as they continue to fight for justice and constitutional rule.