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Info on Podcast #86

Sasha Abramsky, Inside Obama’s Brain, new study questions validity of Prop. 8 election. Abramsky writes for The Nation, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone and other publications. His book is a study of Obama’s traits and is based on interviews with over 100 people who know Obama. We talk about the campaign and the first year in office, and PBC asks how this “brain” could run a brilliant campaign, then fumble health care reform, maintain or extend some of Bush’s worst actions, and make the dumb decision to escalate in Afghanistan. Emily Levy of Velvet Revolution helped set up the exit poll analysis of the Prop 8 vote in Los Angeles County, and Richard Hayes Phillips conducted the study. Phillips did the painstaking reconstruction of Ohio’s election heist in 2004, Witness to a Crime. You can read the report and get links to activism here.