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Info on Podcast #88

Stolen election? Stolen democracy? Brad Friedman of raises serious questions about the Senate election in Massachusetts and grave concerns about the pro-corporate Supreme Court decision; Joe Carson, Energy Dept. whistleblower, with a challenge to Obama and NY Times. Friedman hammers the Democrats for conceding before the votes were counted, despite a number of reports of ballots pre-marked for Scott Brown and clear disparities between hand-counted precincts and machine-counted ones. He also decries the 5-4 Supreme Court vote allowing corporations to fund political campaigns; PBC predicts the GOP will soon buy passage of “paycheck protection” to silence unions and enhance the power of the corporate interests. Carson, a safety engineer at the Dept. of Energy’s Oak Ridge labs, has won numerous whistleblower cases, and still has his job! He challenges the administration and the media to follow the law and restore the rights of federal employees who expose wrongdoing and lawbreaking. Carson invites you to support Dave Nolan for appointment to Office of Special Counsel.listen_button