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Info on Podcast #91

Scott Horton of Harper’s on Gitmo homicides; refugee Ziad Abbas on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza; PBC on Obama’s State of the Union speech. Horton has done an incredible reporting job with credible eyewitness accounts about the events of June 9, 2006 at the black site “Camp No” outside the main prison at Guantamo Bay, as 3 prisoners were transferred to Camp No and returned, dead, hours later. The incredible cover story is that these men stuffed cloths down their throats and hanged themselves “in acts of asymmetrical warfare”. Horton details the events, and the coverup that continues under Obama. Abbas is a Palestinian refugee who works for Middle East Children’s Alliance, and he details the man-made humanitarian crisis in Gaza, where 56% of the population is under 18 and most of the water is too polluted to drink. And your humble host points out the critical issues that slipped his mind and were not mentioned in the speech; he objects to Obama’s embrace the McCain-Hoover gimmick of a “spending freeze” that does not include military spending and energy proposals that include new nuke power plants, the lie of “clean coal”, and more offshore drilling.