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Info on Podcast #94

Journalist Anand Gopal on night raids and secret prisons in Afghanistan; Robert Parry on the partisanship of Supreme Court, Inc. Gopal has covered the war in Afghanistan for the Wall street Journal and the Christian Science Monitor. This interview is based on his latest report, published in The Nation. Gopal talked to 2 dozen Afghans who have been grabbed by US troops, many in deadly night raids on homes, and held at 9 or more secret prisons and the Bagram prison. He also details how these tactics are winning hearts and minds–for the Taliban and other insurgent groups. Bob Parry is a longtime contributor to the PBC show, and we discuss his thoughtful analysis of the recent Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to inject unlimited amounts into candidate campaigns. Parry reacts to the decision and Glenn Greenwald’s commentary, then details the recent history of pro-corporate judicial appointments and the highly partisan decisions they have produced.