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Info on Podcast #97

Alabama sleaze, hardball in hydroponics. Alabama blogger Roger Shuler returns with a report from the Deep South. He comments on Sen. Shelby’s abusive hold on Obama appointments and Sen. Session’s homophobic opposition to lifting Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. While Shelby has blocked appointments, Obama has left partisan Republicans in critical US Attorney jobs, including Leura Canary in Alabama. One of her deputies, who coached the key witness in the Siegelman case, is on his way to Gitmo as a defense attorney in kangaroo court er, military commissions for some prisoners. Shuler also updates the Siegelman appeals and reports that debt collectors played a key role in Sen. Brown’s recent Massachusetts election. Big Mike Straumietis, CEO of Advanced Nutrients, charges that hydroponic equipment producers are colluding against him and threatening retailers because he openly supports medical marijuana cultivation. His new magazine is Rosebud.