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my apologies for download glitches!

Lately, many of you loyal listeners have had to put up with way too many problems downloading my podcasts, especially iTunes users. Your humble host extends sincere apologies. In response to one profanity-laced email from a tech-savvy guy, I changed the file name protocol to include the podcast number, starting with #106. But then I failed to update all of the code referring to the file name (in 3 different places), and got a well-deserved flurry of emails.

As of Friday 3/5 at 11:40 am pbc time, the problem is fixed.

The iTunes service is extremely finicky about minor code errors–a single errant keystroke in the show information text can block your access to the audio file. To quote Springsteen’s Point Blank: “one false move and, baby, the lights go out”.

I’ve just started testing each release with cool software called “Feed Validator”, but even that did not detect my mistake on the file name on #106. I work pretty hard to keep up my technical chops, but you pay the price as I learn from my mistakes. My web guru, Ian Sherr, has patiently been teaching this old dog new tricks, and I hope things go smoothly from here forward.

So keep downloading, keep listening, and please tell a friend!