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Info on Podcast #123

Jason Leopold: BushCo knew most Gitmo prisoners were innocent; Prof. John Laprise: Pres. Ford OK’d wiretaps, break-ins. Leopold is Deputy Managing editor of, and details Lawrence Wilkerson’s sworn declaration that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others knew that most Guantanamo inmates were innocent of any terrorism crimes, even as they repeatedly lied that all at Gitmo were the “worst of the worst”. The lies continue, with Obama dropping the nomination of Dawn Johnsen to the Justice Dept. following Liz Cheney’s smear of the “al Qaeda 8”. Prof. Laprise of Northwestern has researched the history of computers in the White House, and reports that documents from the Ford administration (with younger Cheney and Rumsfeld in key posts) authorized break-ins and electronic surveillance, after the Nixon blunders but before the 1978 FISA law on wiretapping. Section 2 of the podcast starts at about 41:38