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Info on Podcast #127

Journalists Russ Baker and Robert Dreyfuss. Baker is a veteran magazine journalist who has launched the nonprofit investigative news site, WhoWhatWhy and is the author of Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Yearsand has some fascinating insights into JFK’s assassination, Nixon’s downfall and Bush per et fils. We talk with Baker about the state of media and its role in our declining democracy. Dreyfuss is a contributing editor at The Nation, where he blogs the Dreyfuss Report. We talk about his article on Hamid Karzai in The Nation; Karzai is also the subject of a new Rolling Stone article by Dreyfuss. He offers a view of Karzai you won’t find in the corporate media, and asks why the US is not supporting Karzai’s efforts to forge a peace plan with the Taliban and other leaders. He comments on the recent “victory in Marjah” and the forthcoming assault on Kandahar, and suggests the US is looking to weaken the Taliban before agreeing to negotiations, despite Obama’s call for a political solution. The Dreyfuss interview starts at about 21 minutes from the start.