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Info on Podcast #140

Super Tuesday Electile Dysfunction. Journalist Brad Friedman of Bradblog reports on election irregularities in the June 8 primary elections, and delivers an excloo to the PBC Show: the largest private voting company in America now….is a Canadian company that does not have clear ownership of some of its key software. Brad details his own painful experience trying to vote in L.A. on an electronic device intended for the blind–which malfunctioned in numerous ways over 2+ hours as poll workers tried to get it to work properly–and failing. Brad also raises important questions about Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s alleged victory in Arkansas, where Garland County reduced the number of polling places from more than 40 in the primary to only 2 in the runoff, suppressing turnout in a very tight race. Friedman recaps the Supreme Court action that guts Arizona’s clean election system, without even holding a hearing. And birther Orly Taitz is the focus of several jokes: thanks for being there for us, Orly!