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Info on Podcast #150

Jason Leopold on BP’s pattern of reckless mismanagement; PBC talks back to Tim Geithner. Leopold is a great investigative journalist and deputy managing editor at Truthout. His latest in-depth report on BP’s dangerous practices in Alaska has led to the resignation of BP’s CEO of Alyeska, Kevin Hostler; it has also led corporate media outlets like CNN, AP and the Wall St. Journal to plagiarize Truthout’s exclusive reporting. Hostler is exposed as an intimidating manager who rammed through cost cutting as engineers warned of increased risk. There was a leak from the pipeline this May, and response was slow because Hostler had moved staff away from the pipeline. Leopold’s story is a must-read, and there’s more in the interview. In the second segment, starting about 51:08, your humble host replays an interview with Geithner from the PBS News Hour, and calls “bullshit” on the many evasions and spins served up in response to critical questions about the prospects for recovery for working Americans. Geithner dances around the most serious issues with PR talking points; cheerleading for Wall St., he ignores the reality that manufacturing jobs will not be returning and many more people will lose their homes.