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CIA Experimented with LSD on Kids; Will Durst Comments on Mosque Madness

Journalist Hank Albarelli returns, with “Marion” who tells how she was forced to take LSD 10 times; comedian/satirist Will Durst comments on the proposed mosque/community center in lower Manhattan. H. P. Albarelli, Jr. has become a frequent guest on the PBC show since his powerful book was published last year; A Terrible Mistake reveals the dark history of CIA and military experiments on humans with LSD and other drugs. Along with psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Kaye, he wrote this article detailing grisly experiments on children using drugs and electro shock therapy. We have a lengthy conversation with a woman we call “Marion” who was subjected to 10 doses of LSD, along with her sister; Marion is now a professor of bioethics, and clearly believes her rights were violated. Albarelli also talks about experiments with Metrazol, a drug that causes convulsions, and reports it has been used in the recent past in interrogations; and he reveals the barbaric experiments of Dr. Lauretta Bender at Bellvue Hospital in New York. Near the end of the podcast, comedian/satirist WIll Durst returns to comment on the right-driven controversy over a proposed Islamic community center in lower Manhattan.