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Boston Tea Party–a Different Flavor; Mercury in Dental Fillings

Darryl W. Perry, Chair of Boston Tea Party, separates his group from corporate-driven astroturf teabaggers; Charles G. Brown of Consumers for Dental Choice warns of mercury in fillings. Will Durst comments on the lie that Obama is a Muslim. Perry is chair of Boston Tea Party National Committee and managing editor of Free Patriot Press and came to PBC’s attention from a column he wrote about scanner vans and our dwindling Fourth Amendment rights. Perry describes his Tea Party group as the original, formed by a group of libertarians, and PBC finds common ground with Perry on opposing wars and expansions of the police state, auditing the Fed, ending torture and supporting a rational approach to immigration policy. Perry is well-informed and articulate, and plans to run for president in 2016.
Charlie Brown is Sen. Sherrod Brown’s (D-OH) brother, and has taken on the Dentist’s lobby over the continued use of amalgam dental fillings that contain 43-54% mercury, highly toxic to the humans attached to those teeth. Brown calls attention to hearings set for December, and calls out FDA head Margaret Hamburg to resign or recuse herself from the proceedings because of her financial conflict of interest. Here is the website for Brown’s group, Consumers for Dental Choice. And comedian/satirist Will Durst comments on the growing misbelief that Obama is a Muslim.